Tagua Seed Process Display | Price: $20

Display: HDY1


This is a didactic display that shows the process of the dried Tagua seed from the moment it comes out of the Tagua fruit (in the shell) all the way to the finished, polished final stage of the Tagua seed (at this point is commonly called "Vegetable Ivory" as it resembles ivory in texture, color and hardness). The display is intended to be used as a helpful prop within your jewelry display so customers can see how this seed goes from a rough state to a beautiful, polished ivory-like material that is ready to be dyed and turned into beautiful beads. It can also be used as an interesting, uncommon home or office decor item. The display measures 9" X 4"




When the Tagua fruit is ripe its seeds are harvested and then placed to dry for 6 to 9 months so they lose all their moisture. At this point the rough dry seeds become rock solid. These dried Tagua seeds are then placed in a tumbler to remove the thick rind and start the polishing process. After polishing the rind comes off and the seeds become a raw material commonly known as "Vegetable Ivory". Now the seeds can be dyed, cut, drilled, and turned into beautiful "sustainable, organic" beads for the Muichic Natural Jewelry collection.







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