TAGUA Seeds Whole | Wholesale: $2 (each)

natural: HTG1 | natural + skin: HTG2 | multicolor: HTG3 | multicolor + skin: HTG4


Tagua (tah.gwah) is a seed that grows wild in the rainforest of South America. After drying, it becomes rock solid resembling ivory in color, texture and hardness (hence its nickname: "vegetable ivory"). A versatile raw material that can be carved, dyed, cut and drilled to make beads or commonly used as "worry stones" due to its wonderful smooth texture. Also used in decoration, these gorgeous and rare seeds add that je ne sais quoi factor that livens up your spaces. Drop them in vases, centerpieces, bowls or just on top of a table or desk for an elegant and unique touch of creative d├ęcor. They come in four available finishes: natural polish, natural polish with skin, multicolor and multicolor with skin


Tagua Seeds: Natural Finish


Tagua Seeds: Natural Finish with Skin








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