Whole Tagua Seeds (pack of 5)


Tagua is a seed that grows in South America’s rainforest and it’s the main raw material for our natural collection of jewelry. When ripe, tagua seeds are harvested and dried for 6 to 9 months, after losing all their moisture they become rock solid resembling ivory in color, texture and hardness, hence their nickname: “Vegetable Ivory”. At this point the hard seeds can be polished, dyed, cut and shaped into beautiful beads that become Muichic’s natural jewelry. These gorgeous seeds add that je ne sais quoi factor that livens up your spaces. Drop them in vases, centerpieces, bowls or just on top of a table or desk for an elegant touch of creative décor. They come in 2 available finishes: Full polish and Half polished with rind. Each Tagua seed is all-natural: sustainable, organic, vegan and biodegradable: 100% vegetable ivory (Tagua seeds)

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