How do I place a wholesale order?
If you have a purchase order ready, email it to us at or call 802-489-0521.  Or, if you prefer you can use our wholesale order sheet (download, complete, and attach in email, we'll take it from there).


What's your minimum order requirement to start a wholesale account?
Our minimum order requirement for first time orders is US$250. After that, our minimum for re-orders is US$150


What's your turnaround time after an order has been placed?
Items will be shipped within 2-3 business days upon receipt of order.


Do you have a wholesale pricing sheet?
Yes, you can download it here: wholesale pricing sheet Or visit our "Ordering page" where you can click and download it as well (also our line sheet and look book as PDF's)


Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, our volume discount tier start at 2 dozen units per sku (-4%) and then 50+ units per sku (-8%). These discounts are noted on our wholesale pricing sheet.


Do you offer Net 30 terms?
Yes, Net 30 terms are available by request for domestic accounts only and upon review of credit references.


Do products come with info tags?
Yes, we believe it is essential to inform the customer about all the benefits of our natural jewelry. Each item comes with a hang tag with a brief description about Tagua and our brand.


Can you provide information material for our display?
Yes, on first orders we include a couple of Tagua seeds and info cards for your display as a courtesy at no extra cost.


Can you provide images and product descriptions of your products for our online shop?
Yes, we can provide content for your online shop per request.


Do you ship outside the USA?
Yes, for international shipments we use FedEx Express


Do you offer custom made items?
Yes, please contact us for details and specific requests


Is Muichic a Fair Trade company?
Yes, we are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation, learn more here:


How is Tagua sustainable?
Tagua grows naturally in a rainforest environment, rather than a plantation. The seeds are then harvested as they fall to the ground. This allows the Tagua trees to provide valuable habitat to animals and also assist with rainforest preservation by preventing the cutting of trees for farming or cattle. Renewed trade in Tagua seeds protects endangered rainforests in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.


Why is Tagua organic?
Tagua seeds grow wild in the rainforests of South America, an environment free of pesticides and foreign chemicals.


How does Tagua help elephant protection?
African elephants and the South American rainforest have something in common: they are both being eliminated from the face of the earth at an alarming rate. Tagua as "vegetable ivory" helps to raise awareness about the current eradication of African Elephants which are being killed by the tens of thousands each year for their ivory. Botanical ivory is a logical and humane alternative to help save our tusked friends.

Unlike elephants which must die for their precious ivory, tagua palms are a renewable resource; as long as their native habitat is preserved and sufficient seeds are left to perpetuate the palms. A single female tagua palm may produce up to 50 pounds of seeds in a year, that's roughly the amount of ivory in an average African elephant tusk. The elephant, however, yields its ivory only once while the palm produces seeds year after year.


Are Muichic accessories vegan?
Yes. We don't use any animal products for the making of our natural wares.


How hard is a dried Tagua seed?
Tagua (or Vegetable ivory) is remarkably dense, with a rating of roughly 2.5 on the scale of mineral hardness (Compare this rating with 3.5 for a copper penny and 10 for diamond)


Is Tagua allergenic?
No. Tagua is actually a seed and is non-toxic and allergen free.


How should I care for Tagua products?
Being a natural product, Tagua does react to the elements. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperature variations, water or steam should be avoided. You should remove your jewelry before bathing or swimming (especially the rings). Tagua shouldn't be soaked in water (liquids in general) or oils, as it could crack or split. Jewelry can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


More questions?
if so, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at:




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