DESI Tagua Necklace | Wholesale: $15

Red: NDE1 | Black: NDE2 | Multicolor: NDE4 | Rainbow: NDE5 | Orange: NDE6 | Black + Ivory: NDE7 | Yellow: NDE8

Blue+ Orange + Ivory + Yellow:NDE9


Five tagua chips (with rind on the edges) are tied together with a cotton cord. A macramé in the back makes it adjustable giving it the versatility of being worn long or short (it is 17 inches long at its maximum length). Two Tagua fragments finish it off at the back on each tip. All the beads used are sustainable, organic, vegan and biodegradable: 100% vegetable ivory (Tagua seeds). This tagua necklace is fair trade and ethically handmade in Colombia using eco friendly dyes.



Desi Blue + Orange + Ivory + Yellow| NDE9


Desi Yellow| NDE8


Desi Black + Ivory | NDE7


Desi Orange | NDE6


Desi Rainbow | NDE5


Desi Multicolor | NDE4


Desi Red | NDE1


Desi Black | NDE2






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