FIKE Tagua Necklace | Wholesale Price Was: $45

Sale Price: $34

Natural: SNFK1 (1 left) | Multicolor: SNFK2 (1 left) | Natural + Purple + Green: SNFK3 (1 left)

This is a truly rare, unique and versatile piece. Thinly sliced tagua chips (with skin on the edges) linked together like a chain and laced with ultra thin rice paper strings. At 48 inches long this necklace is designed to be adjustable so it can be worn in a variety of ways: either long or short, the bead chain can be crunched together or extended to full length (see images). Depending on the outfit this bold piece will adapt according to your needs (it could even be worn as a belt!). Ethically handmade in Colombia using eco friendly dyes.







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