FRINGE Acai & Tagua Necklace (new) | Wholesale: $15

Blue: NFN1 | Green: NFN2 | Yellow: NFN3


After the tagua seeds dry, the rind is shaved off and dyed, creating these naturally beautiful scales used to make up a small fringe. A series of Acai seeds and shavings of Tagua seed rind are dyed green and clustered together on a cotton cord to make up this natural fringe necklace. An Acai seed and tagua rind shaving finish it off at each end tip. A tagua fragment makes it adjustable for added versatility (measures 32” long from tip to tip). All these natural beads are vegan, sustainable, and organic, 100% plant based.


• Handmade and fair trade tagua necklace
• Lightweight tagua necklace
• Measures 32" from tip to tip, adjustable
• Materials: tagua seed rinds, acai seeds, cotton cord
• Naturally eco-friendly tagua nut jewelry












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