TAZO Tagua Choker| Wholesale: $17

Turquoise + Natural: NTZ1 | Fuchsia + Lilac: NTZ2 | Black + Grey: NTZ3 | Multicolor: NTZ4 | Greens: NTZ5


A fringe of multicolor Tagua beads wrapped around a steel memory wire. Each rectangular bead was shaped from vegetable ivory (Tagua seed), a little bit of the seed’s rind is visible on the tips of each bead. At each end tip of the choker, there's an acai seed to finish off this gorgeous natural design. This multicolor tagua choker is a fun and uncommon accessory that goes well with any outfit. All the beads used are sustainable, organic, vegan, and biodegradable: 100% vegetable ivory (Tagua seeds).

















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