Tagua Seed Pipe | Wholesale: $9

Natural Ivory: TP01

Gorgeous "Vegetable Ivory" pipes hand carved from a whole dried Tagua seed. After the Tagua seeds lose all their moisture they become rock solid and are placed in a tumbler that shaves their brown rind and polishes them until they are completely smooth with their characteristic ivory color and texture. Their texture is silky soft, just like ivory but botanical, similar to worry stones, great to carry around in your pocket or just to have at home. Very chic, practical, unique, and uncommon, makes the perfect gift. These Tagua pipes are sustainable, organic, vegan and biodegradable.


When ripe, tagua seeds are harvested and sun-dried. After losing all their moisture they become rock solid resembling ivory in color, texture, and hardness, hence their nickname: “Vegetable Ivory”. At this point, the hard seeds can be polished, dyed, cut, and shaped into beautiful wares that become Florama's tagua collection.




Orange Tagua Necklace











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