Tagua Necklace Flowers Handmade Fairtrade


A row of four Tagua flowers in turquoise, orange, yellow and lilac, are linked together in a beautiful steel chain that measures 20” from tip to tip. A single Tagua seed is sliced in 4 pieces, each piece is precisely cut with a laser to create the flower shape (hypotrochoid shape). This elegant tagua necklace is a chic and uncommon accessory that goes well with any outfit. Lobster clasp closure. Each Tagua flower is sustainable, organic, and vegan: 100% vegetable ivory (Tagua seeds).

  • Handmade and fair trade tagua necklace
  • Materials used: tagua seeds (vegetable ivory) and steel chain
  • Lightweight tagua necklace
  • Naturally eco-friendly tagua necklace
  • Makes the perfect gift

When ripe, tagua seeds are harvested and sun-dried. After losing all their moisture they become rock solid resembling ivory in color, texture and hardness, hence their nickname: “Vegetable Ivory”. At this point the hard seeds can be polished, dyed, cut and shaped into beautiful beads that become Muichic natural jewelry.